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Online Therapy

Specialized support for adults with

    - Addictive behaviours

    - Personality disorders

    - Autism spectrum conditions

Our online sessions allow you to get the support you need without leaving your living room or office.

Your healing and self-development are supported by a programme that is tailored to your needs and keeps you accountable.

Getting to the root causes of the issues that hold you back is a brave and beautiful process. I'm here to support you and keep you moving forward. 


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About my approach 

I'm a transpersonal psychologist, specializing in addiction, personality disorders and autism. 


Most of my work is online, including the work I do as Wellbeing Officer for Alef Trust, Liverpool John Moores University. I’ve worked in educational, clinical and organizational settings, supporting children and adults with a variety of conditions, ranging from autism spectrum conditions to anxiety, to anti-social personality disorder. My main focus and passion is transformation, both on an individual and organizational level.

I offer online therapy supporting adults experiencing life crises, as well as on-site training programmes for large corporations experiencing high rates of burn-out. Lifting the stigma around mental health and educating organizations about the value of creating a truly inclusive environment is central to my work.

My practical approach to healing and living authentically is grounded in transpersonal psychology. Transformation doesn't happen on just one level, but necessarily includes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. Creating a life that nourishes you and that is deeply meaningful often entails making changes to your work situation, relationships and environment. In our sessions, individualized practices provide structure and help to sustain this process.



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