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"Chantal literally changed our lives. With her gentle honesty, she guided us to be better parents by teaching us to observe and implement profound small changes in order to achieve immense and life changing results.  I am now confident that our daughter will be a self-supporting and absolute asset in her adult world."   – Lucy

These sessions will help you:

  • Get your head around your child’s diagnosis 

  • Get on the same page about their future

  • Set realistic expectations, for your child and yourself

  • Find resources that work, whether it's the right school or gluten-free food that they'll actually eat

  • Manage your child with confidence, from knowing whether they should be allowed 10 more minutes of screen-time to motivating them to get through a hair-cut

  • Breathe deeper and enjoy being a parent

In-person / Online Consultation

Meet with me on Skype, Zoom or at my practice.
Schedule regular sessions or check in with me when you need to.
Feedback from Clients

Chantal was one of the first professionals to support us at the beginning of my son Benjamin's diagnosis. It was an emotionally overwhelming time and I was very uninformed of what exactly the diagnosis entailed nor how to go about helping my son.

Chantal has an incredibly strong yet calm demeanour that truly made me feel supported and I felt she was sincerely committed to my son and his healing process. I gained a greater understanding of what Autism was and was guided on how best to help him from my side. It was incredible how gently yet firmly she helped my son to develop and understand what was expected of him.

I will always be grateful to Chantal for her support at a difficult start to a journey that has brought many blessings to our life.

- Wendy Bowley

Chantal is helping my High Functioning Autism (HFA) teenage son tremendously. She works very methodically and has an intimate understanding of his needs and shortcomings. She is patient but firm. Her feedback to us parents has been extremely helpful and accurate.

- Barbara K.

As a toddler our daughter, Andrea, was diagnosed with mild autism. Developing her potential to the fullest and equipping her with the skills to function Independently was paramount. We found this to be increasingly challenging as she grew older. By age 15 Andrea's frustration levels and uncertainty about the future was a great concern to her and the family.
Chantal came into our lives in 2013 and changed everything. Through therapy and challenging assignments, pitched at Andrea's skills level and interests, her progress was immediately noticeable.  With her vast knowledge, experience and empathy Chantal guided Andrea to develop the necessary cognitive, emotional and social skills.
The financial outlay and the distance travelled bi-weekly (750 km) was more than justified by the immense effect the therapy had on Andrea.
It is my sincere conviction that seeing Chantal for the past 5 years equipped Andrea to live a meaningful life and positively contribute to her community and family.

- Elmarie Turner

Our family have consulted with Chantal around the development of our daughter for a number of years in various capacities.  Chantal literally changed our lives.  She not only helped Kayla see the world through different glasses during very tough times with her peers, her academics and self-awareness, but she also taught her valuable skills that she now uses constantly to the point where she has a close friend, she’s confident, and academically conscientious and soaring. 

Chantal has also helped my husband and me - with her gentle honesty, she guided us to be better parents by teaching us to observe and implement profound small changes in order to achieve immense and life changing results.  I am now confident that our daughter will be a self-supporting and absolute asset in her adult world.

 - Kayla and Lucy

My journey with Chantal started years ago, and what an amazing journey! From my daughter’s first hesitant steps, clutching my hand… wow! 
With Chantal’s guidance, trust and amazing spirit, my daughter has grown so much!

When I got stuck at a crossroads, Chantal’s helping and supportive hand was always there.

I cannot express my gratitude enough.

- Shireen

Before we started with Chantal, we struggled terribly to get our son to interact and even to make eye contact. It's like he was stuck in his own world. To our amazement, Chantal helped us gain access into his world with simple practical steps outlined by her. We loved how he would light up when Chantal opened the door and how he would skip into the consultation room every week.

We are now dealing with a different child whom asks for our attention and interaction. How amazing is that?!

- The Carrs

We were referred to Chantal by Dr Birgit Schlegel when our son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4. That first referral was the best thing that could have happened to us! We've been seeing Chantal for 6 years and our son has flourished and thrived with her help and support.​

Of course Chantal is academically qualified and very experienced, but what makes her special and so effective is that she is insightful, creative, pragmatic and practical. She can very quickly see through to the heart of a problem and then provide concrete strategies for addressing that problem. Every new phase in our son's life has meant changes and adaptations. Chantal's years of experience mean that she can forsee issues before they even arise and help you to either head them off or put mechanisms in place to manage them in the future. We have found this really reassuring. ​

Chantal is a good communicator and as parents we have appreciated the complete transparency of her practice. We get clear feedback after every session. In the beginning we also attended many of the sessions so that we could watch Chantal working with our son and learn how to work with him ourselves.​

Our son is a happy, cheerful kid - we got there with Chantal and we are extremely grateful for her loving commitment to him.


 - Greenfield family

Thank you for the wonderful change you have made in my boy’s life .It is actually unbelievable that you managed this in a short period of time.


He walks taller now, his attitude towards his schoolwork has changed, he smiles more often, his behavior have changed at home and at school, and I see less tears.


- L & J

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