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Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Relationships
The Art of Listening
Gratitude vs Entitlement
Play and Creativity
Healthy Body,
Healthy Mind

Feedback from Participants

Thank you again for this amazing workshop. Not only helpful in my job, but in my personal life too. 


Very informative and strategies that can be used right away. Great insight and opening to a different way of thinking.

- Keira

Chantal - you were full of knowledge and advice with suggestions - practical ones! I appreciate the chance to get a more holistic approach.

- Giovanna

This workshop has been the highlight of my week. I feel more informed than I have been in my life about autism. I have lived with it all my life, but never fully understood it. It has been very educational – thank you so much.

- Pat

I have learnt so much, especially from the practical side that I could use immediately. You really captured my attention and explained everything so thoroughly – thank you, I feel enriched.

- Clare

This was extremely insightful and practical – would definitely recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed your interaction with the group.

- Penelope

Such a reminder to think out the box! Thank you for your passion – it’s inspiring!

- RS

This workshop was incredibly informative – the facts and information presented were clear and easy to understand. An incredibly enlightening few hours! Interesting content and warm, sincere interaction.

- Sara

Your wisdom is incredible – thank you for the hands-on solutions. So happy to meet you! I feel motivated and inspired by the workshop!

- Diane

Great value. Very clear best practice – cuts through all the “buzz words” to get to what will work best for clients.

- Jay

Loved it – always something new to learn and I enjoyed the “Oh my word, now it makes sense!” moments.

- Jane

New, creative solutions and ideas – thought-provoking!

- William

I will leave this workshop truly inspired to shift my mindset towards being grateful and share this with my family and friends, and will see knock-on effects, which is awesome!


Very thought-provoking, as well as informative. You reminded me about the need to see behaviour as a means of communication and to always try to approach it from a place of love - thank you!

- Megan

Fabulous examples from your experience, so relevant and easy to identify with - thanks for sharing! 

- Peta

The workshop was an awesome experience! The ideas about making resources are great. We felt very comfortable to ask questions. Thank you, Chantal, you are inspirational! 

- Roxanne

Provided a wealth of information – have lots to go home and assimilate! Incredibly interesting – thank you, Chantal!

- Tracey

Extremely helpful – great practical advice and ideas – thank you for your open approach.

- BK

It was awesome to broaden my knowledge – thanks for sharing your knowledge!

- WS

Extremely valuable – explained so much about language development and deviations, and recognizing these – thank you for sharing all of your valuable experiences with us.

- Wanda

Very valuable. Created an awareness of doing things differently. To have a more holistic view.

- Christie

A valuable and in-depth workshop – very stimulating and you have a good balance of academic, practical strategies and humour!

- SJ

Fantastic workshop. Thank you, Chantal. A lot of info regarding the mindshift from entitlement to gratitude. Highly recommended for parents!


Really worth the time and investment in myself and my family. Love the way you spoke and was mind-shifting! Thank you!


Great reminder of neurotypical development and the importance of understanding that as a base of knowledge to draw on. Understanding what lies behind the behaviour in order to create an optimal environment.

- Samantha

© 2020 by Chantal le Roux, MSc, MEd   

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